If you get into a car accident, there are plenty of things to worry about, but one thing most people don’t consider is identity theft! It’s true.

The Identity Theft Resource Center writes:

You might be wondering what a car accident has to do with identity theft, but you would be surprised at how many calls we get about this very issue. Why? Let us break it down for you. You get into a minor fender bender. Everyone is fine (except for maybe your poor bumper) and now it’s time to exchange information. Of course, you’ll have to give your name, vehicle information, etc. But you don’t want to be the 1 in 6 individuals who said they’d allow another motorist to snap a photo of their license. Is there a risk for identity theft from a snapshot of your license? Let’s talk driver’s licenses.

Threat: Your Driver’s License

Do You Need to Worry: Maybe, maybe not. When you find yourself in this situation you have no choice but to provide your driver’s license number. That bit of information isn’t of much use except for what it actually should be used for in an accident. However, a photo of it may be another story and can be used to (gasp!) reproduce the actual driver’s license and steal your identity.

What Can You Do About It: We could tell you to avoid traffic accidents all together, but that’s just a little, shall we say, unrealistic? However, if you think your information may have been used to commit identity theft after the fact, contact your DMV’s fraud department to see if they can flag your license number.

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